Gesso House uses only the highest of quality materials and finishes to ensure the durability of your piece for years to come.

Gesso House pieces are finished in high-quality materials such as microcement, Venetian Plaster and plaster. All furniture is skillfully protected using a strong sealer process that is tried and tested for general food and drink spills including wine, pasta and oils.

Dining tables and coffee tables are finished in microcement and complete with a 6-coat sealer application process, ensuring its strength and durability as functional pieces of furniture within the home. Microcement is an extremely strong finish, and is certified to be used in kitchens, bathrooms and for flooring. We recommend using a gentle PH-neutral cleaner to clean any spills on your dining or coffee table.

We recommend to wipe down spills as soon as they occur with a soft damp cloth. Use protective heat mats for hot dishes and candles and avoid using abrasive, acidic cleaning solutions or sponges, or vinegar which can penetrate and wear down the sealer. We recommend regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth.

When cared for correctly, our pieces won’t need to be resealed.